The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM)

The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) is a network of 50 Norwegian organizations within development, environment, peace, human rights and humanitarian aid. Our vision is a democratic and peaceful world based on fair distribution, solidarity, human rights and sustainability. 

Our main area of work (2013-2020) is on the Sustainable Development Goals.

New report: :

17 goals. 1 future

How the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be reached in and with Norway by 2030.

Partners in Developing Countries:

Global CSO partnership in 2016

Read about Forum for Development and Environment's cooperation in 2016 with global civil society networks and organisations in developing countries.

Policy Coherence Report 2015:

Development beyond aid

How can Norwegian policies become more coherent for sustainable development? A report with recommendations,  written by Irja Vormedal and Leiv Lunde from Fridtjof Nansens Institute (FNI) and commissioned by Forum for Development and Environment, was shared with the Norwegian government in 2015. 

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