The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM)

The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) is a network of 50 Norwegian organizations within development, environment, peace, human rights and humanitarian aid. Our vision is a democratic and peaceful world based on fair distribution, solidarity, human rights and sustainability. 

Our main area of work (2013-2020) is on the Sustainable Development Goals.

New report:

New report on Norwegian and international climate finance

Climate finance is one of the hottest topics on the UN climate change agenda. Financial commitments have been made by developed countries, but many developing countries still do not receive the support needed to reduce their own emissions and withstand the ongoing and devastating effects of climate change. Agreeing on common accounting rules for climate finance is among the biggest challenges in the UN climate change negotiations.

New report: :

17 goals. 1 future

How the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be reached in and with Norway by 2030.

Partners in Developing Countries:

Global CSO partnership in 2016

Read about Forum for Development and Environment's cooperation in 2016 with global civil society networks and organisations in developing countries.

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